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Art and Photography Exhibition
October 28-30 2022

57 Denison St, Camperdown NSW

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Supporting the mental health of health professionals and the broader community, we will be showcasing art, photography and music.

All works displayed and performed will be led by health professionals, including nurses, doctors, pharmacists and allied health. 


Current Participants:

Lynn Profile.png

Lynn Sioson has been a nurse for 20 years. Before nursing, she had always loved drawing and art. When she decided to pursue regular creative practice a few years ago, she realised she was inspired by human complexities and experiences. She's drawn to our varied ways of thinking, emotional responses and myriad vulnerabilities. As a nurse she has had intimate observations of our capabilities to draw strength, even at our weakest moments. This is what Hope & Halos aims to express. The collection is about the difficulties we’ve faced in the last two years- it showcases our collective physical, emotional and mental struggles whilst also highlighting our abilities to be resilient, to remain creative, to cultivate empathy, and to maintain our fighting spirits. Hope and Halos is about struggle, yet it is also about enduring despite the darkness, or finding ways to light it up.

Christina profile.png

Christina Ng is a Sydney based pharmacist and landscape photographer. When she is not passionately educating about quality use of medicines, she is enjoying adventurous explorations of places near and far, and capturing those moments. She is continuously inspired and awe struck by how breathtaking and soul soothing nature. 


Dr Jayne Antony MD (Pittsburgh) FRACP PhD (Sydney Uni) is a paediatric neurologist at The Children’s Hospital Westmead. Her many years of photography started with her Mamiya film camera with three screw in lenses(!) Her interests are broad ranging with both colour and B&W images accumulated from her national and international travels. She places an emphasis on street photography especially an exploration of Homo sapiens of all ages and various ethnic groups. She seeks to capture images that are hidden and unique rather than well recognised landmarks. Pioneer French photographers who formed the elite Magnum group are her heroes especially the late Henri Cartier-Bresson


Dr Isabel Palethorpe started singing before she could talk, and hasn’t stopped since. She has been involved in writing, arranging and performing music for over 30 years. Dr Palethorpe co-founded MUSE (Music theatre Ensemble of the University of Sydney) in 2002, while completing her PhD, and is the founder, Chairperson and Musical Director of the Challis Singers, a community choir based in Turramurra (founded in 2012). She is currently a member of jazz quartet Sass & Grit and folk group Adder’s Fork, and is releasing her first solo album in October 2022.


Vienna is a dietitian working across hospitals and private practice in Sydney. Her passion is to draw nature and portraits of loved ones. Frida Kahlo, Picasso and her own family of artists are always an inspiration.

Chris profile.png

Dr Chris Ellis is a medical doctor and travel photographer. Previously displaying pictures of the people of Cambodia and Nepal, he is now travelling more domestically (since the birth of his beautiful daughter). His new exhibition will feature images from the mountains of NSW.