Young woman who cannot leave the house in quarantine due to an epidemic Covid-19

Art and Photography Exhibition
October 27-31 2022


Supporting the mental health of health professionals and the broader community, we will be showcasing art, photography and music.

All works displayed and performed will be led by health professionals, including nurses, doctors, pharmacists and allied health. 


Current Participants:

Lynn Profile.png

Lynn Sioson is a registered nurse and emerging visual artist. Her work is primarily 2D visual arts, with a particular interest in female and self portraiture. She's inspired by the highs and lows of the human condition, and loves exploring the capacities and dualities of people.  Lynn wants the duality and complexity of her subjects to inspire a sense of self-acceptance and inclusivity in her audience.

Christina profile.png

Christina Ng is a Sydney based pharmacist and landscape photographer. When she is not passionately educating about quality use of medicines, she is enjoying adventurous explorations of places near and far, and capturing those moments. She is continuously inspired and awe struck by how breathtaking and soul soothing nature.